Our Services:

 Biophysical Assays for Drug Discovery

Bio-layer Interferometry // Surface Plasmon Resonance // Isothermal Titration Calorimetry

Quality Assessment and Control for Proteins and Peptides Protein Purity and Integrity

  • Concentration Measurements
  • Secondary and Tertiary Structure Characterization
  • Oligomerization and Aggregation Assessment

Circular Dichroism Spectrometry // Size Exclusion Chromatography

Optical Characterization of Inorganic, Hybrid, and Soft Materials

  • UV/Vis/NIR Absorption and Reflectance Measurements
  • UV to Visible Fluorescence Measurements
  • Secondary Structure of non-protein polymeric materials and peptide amphiphiles measurements

UV/Vis Spectrometry // Fluorescence Spectrometry

Size Distribution, Stability, and Kinetic Analyses for 1-Dimensional Materials

  • Size Distribution Measurements
  • Aggregation Kinetics

Dynamic Light Scattering

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