Photon-Counting Fluorescence Spectrometer

The ISS PC1 spectrofluorimeter is a workstation for a wide variety of highly sensitive fluorescence studies. The PC1 has excitation/emission monochromators and optional  polarizers suitable for fluorescence polarization/anisotropy and ratio measurements using both T- and L- configuration.

Measurements that can be performed with the PC1:

  • corrected excitation and emission spectra and (new!) 3-D excitation-emission matrices
  • corrected excitation and emission polarization (anisotropy) spectra and measurements at a fixed wavelength
  • synchronous luminescence spectra
  • slow kinetics (intensity, ratio, anisotropy, etc.), in time spans ranging from tenths of seconds to days
  • kinetic capability in the millisecond range
  • automated temperature scans
  • automated titration experiments

The Keck Facility provides a collection of cut-on filters.

Location Cook Hall,  4118

NU Core ID:  PC1


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