UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer

The Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 1050 is a high performance UV/Vis/NIR double beam, double monochromator, ratio-recording spectrophotometer. A 150 mm integrating sphere accessory allows diffuse reflectance and transmission measurements.

Instrument Features:

  • Wavelength range 185 nm – 3300 nm
  • Photometric Range: 0.0002- 9 AU
  • Liquid and solid samples measuring capabilities
  • Sample thickness compensated detector optics,
  • 3 detector module: photomultiplier R6872,  3-stage wide band Peltier cooled InGaAs  and  single-stage Peltier cooled PbS
  • Spectral bandwidth : 0.05 nm – 5 nm UV/Vis and 0.2 nm – 20 nm NIR.
  • Programmable attenuators for high absorbance measurements.
  • UV WinLab V6 operating software

Diffuse Reflectance and Diffuse Transmission measurements can be performed using the 150mm Integrating Sphere accessory.

Select Applications of Lambda:

Location: Cook Hall, Room 4106

NU Core ID:  LambdaSPEC