Multi-mode Imager

The Sapphireâ„¢ Biomolecular Imager is a next generation laser scanner which features NIR and RGB fluorescent, true chemiluminescent and phosphor imaging

  • Four solid state lasers (488, 520, 658 and 784 nm)
  • Photomultiplier tube (PMT) for fluorescence and phosphor imaging, avalanche photodiodes (APD) for near-infrared imaging and a CCD sensor for chemiluminescent and visible imaging
  • Ultra-wide dynamic range for imaging and quantifying low and high abundance samples simultaneously
  • Image resolution down to 10 microns for high-quality image analysis
  •  Advanced capabilities for documentation and quantitative analysis of gels, blots, plates, arrays, slides, tissue samples, small animal models, plants, and more

Analysis Software: Azure Spot

Location: Cook Hall, 4106

NU Core ID: Sapphire