The Molecular Dynamics (GE Healthcare) Storm 860 phosphorimager images storage phosphor screens after exposure to radioisotope-labeled samples or electron scattering.

The STORM 860 phosphorimager/fluorimager has three image detection modes:

  • Phosphor Screen Mode
  • Red/Blue Fluorescence
  • Chemifluorescence

You can use screens for 14C, 32P, 33P, 35S, and 125I. 3H sensitive screens can also be purchased.

The STORM is also a two-color (blue and red excitation) fluorescence imager, which opens up many new possibilities for quantitative analyses:

  • Quantitative westerns by chemifluorescence.
  • Nonradioactive gel mobility shift experiments, in which two different species can both be separately detected and quantified.
  • Fluorescent dyes for quantitative versions of coomassie staining

Software provided: ImageQuant software (so you can analyze your data back in your own lab).

Location: Cook Hall 4106

NU Core ID: Storm

Molecular Dynamics (acquired by GE Healthcare) Storm 860.

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