Real Time PCR

The Bio-Rad iCycler collects and reports PCR amplification and denaturation data in real-time.

Key features of the iCycler system include:

  • Presently 2 emission/excitation filter sets for the following fluorescent dyes (upgradeable with up to 4 filters sets within wavelength range of 400-700nm):
    • Fluorescein (FAM) and SYBR Green I
    • Texas Red and ROX
  • Monitoring of up to 96 wells with up to 4 fluorophores per well simultaneously
  • Dynamic range of at least six orders of magnitude for detecting specific sequences with excellent sensitivity and precision
  • Calibrated with the Bio-Rad iQ 96-Well PCR Plates to a 25 μl sample volume and the optical quality sealing tape
  • Melt Curve Analysis tool to confirm the specificity of primers as well as reveal the presence of primer-dimers
  • Beacon Designer Software for use in designing probes for molecular beacons and TaqMan® and enables BLAST searches, Primer Design and Data Management

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