Chemiluminescence & IR Imager

Adapted from manufacturer website:

The Syngene PXi system offers superior sensitivity that is capable of imaging a wide range of applications. Image quality is superb whether you are working with chemiluminescent blots, fluorescent blots and gels, IR gels and 2D gels.

At the heart of PXi is a new generation of camera – 6 million pixels, giving the system outstanding sensitivity. The camera is cooled to enable longer exposures to be used which can be a necessity for chemiluminescence and for some fluorescence applications. The superior sensitivity ensures that even faint blots or gels can be imaged with the PXi.

PXi is currently equipped with the following light sources:

  • Epi UV (302 nm)
  • Epi white light
  • White light transilluminator for visibly stained gels
  • Epi LED modules for red (635 nm) and IR (740 nm) excitation
  • UltraSlim blue (470 nm) LED transilluminator, providing you with the ideal solution for imaging ‘safe dyes’

Currently installed emission filters:

  • UV (572-625 nm)
  • 705M (700-720 nm)
  • LY800 (809-875 nm)

Analysis software: GeneTools

More Information

Location: Cook Hall, 4106

NU Core ID: PXi