LAS 4010 Gel Imaging System

The GE Healthcare ImageQuant LAS 4010 imaging system allows visualization, imaging and quantitative measurements of macromolecules in stained gels. It’s large size also makes it ideal for imaging test tubes, petri dishes, or other unusually shaped objects.

6.3 megapixel cooled CCD camera for long exposures.

Excitation Sources

  • UV transillumination (312 nm)
  • White light transillumination
  • Epi Red (630 nm), Green (520 nm), Blue (420 nm), and white lights

Emission Filters

  • 605DF40 (Filter for detecting EtBr)
  • Y515-Di  (Filter for blue LED)
  • 575DF20 (Filter for green LED)
  • R670 (Filter for red LED)

Scan area: from 10.5 x 7 cm, up to  21 x 14 cm

Analysis Software: ImageQuant TL

Location: Cook Hall 4106

NU Core ID: LAS 4010 Gel Imager