Sapphire Multi-mode Laser Scanner System

The Sapphire™ Biomolecular Imager is an advanced  laser scanner for NIR and RGB fluorescent, chemiluminescent and phosphor imaging. Versatile capabilities for documentation and quantitative analysis of gels, blots, plates, arrays, slides, tissue samples, small animal models, plants, and more.


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LAS 4010 Documentation System

The  LAS 4010 is a  documentation  system for  stained gels ( white light, with UV and Visible fluorescence imaging) and chemiluminescent blots


The Bio-Rad iCycler collects and reports PCR amplification and denaturation data in real-time.


Sample separation up to 1,048,000 × g
Versatile rotor capacities
Fixed angle or swinging buckets rotors
Vacuum conditions
Temperature control


The Labconco FreeZone 4.5 Liter Cascade Benchtop Freeze Dry System is designed for light sample loads with low eutectic points including ones containing acetonitrile.