Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

The MicroCal (GE Healthcare) ITC200 isothermal titration calorimeter is a powerful tool for label-free analysis of macromolecular interactions in solution. By measuring the amount of heat released or taken up during each reaction in a titration experiment, the equilibrium binding affinity and the stoichiometry are derived; in addition, ITC is the only technique able to directly measure the thermodynamic parameters of binding (enthalpy, entropy and heat capacity changes) – providing therefore invaluable insights into the thermodynamic forces governing biomolecular interactions.

The technique is suitable for analyzing protein-protein, protein-DNA/RNA interactions as well as interactions between biopolymers or synthetic macromolecules and small ligands.

Affinity constants from 100 to ~109 M-1 can be measured by ITC

The sample cell volume is approximately 200 μl; minimum sample volume is 290 μl

The syringe volume is  40μl

The operating temperature range is 2°C to 80°C.

Location: Cook Hall, 4106

NU Core ID: ITC200

MicroCal ITC200