Dynamic Light Scattering

This batch mode DLS features a Brookhaven BI-200 goniometer and BI-9000 high speed correlator and a 3 watt argon-ion laser operating at 514 nm.

The sample must be cleared of any air bubbles and dust particles; the minimum sample volume is  50μl.

In general,  light scattering experiments can be successfully applied to molecular masses of 10,000 Da or greater. Smaller molecules usually require higher concentrations than bigger particles, in order to reach a sufficient intensity of scattered light. As a rule of thumb for molecules of a molecular weight of approximately 50,000, a sample concentration of 1 mg/ml is a good starting point.

The Keck Facility provides cuvettes ( 300 μl) for light scattering measurements.

Note: For polydisperse samples please also consider the SEC-MALS and NanoSight instruments

Location Cook Hall 4118

NU Core ID: Light Scatt

Brookhaven Instruments BI-9000 and BI-200 Optical System