• Octet K2 Bio-layer Interferometer

    The Octet K2 System characterizes protein-protein and protein-small molecule binding interactions for early research and discovery. The multipurpose system also provides quantitative information by measuring active protein concentrations — even in complex mixtures like cell culture supernatants and lysates.

    NU Core ID: BLItz Bio-Layer Interferometer (Evanston)


    • Sensitivity for small molecule analysis

    The Octet K2 System enables the measurement of interactions between small molecules down to 150 Da in size, and their larger binding partners to determine accurate kinetics rates.

    • Flexible second channel for use as a reference or more samples

    Unique 2-channel design have dedicated spectrometers for simultaneous referencing or added capacity.

    • Simple setup for protein and antibody characterization

    Template driven interface allows new users to get started quickly for protein and antibody characterization.


  • NanoDLS pUNK

    The pUNK, or NanoDrop DLS, from Unchained Labs offers a fast and easy method to measure protein size, aggregation, and polydispersity. Only a 5 µL sample size is required per measurement.

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  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter

    The MicroCal (GE Healthcare) differential scanning calorimeter directly measures the enthalpy of a solution as a function of temperature.

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  • Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

    The MicroCal (GE Healthcare) ITC200 isothermal titration calorimeter is a powerful tool for label-free analysis of macromolecular interactions in solution.

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  • Analytical HPLC

    This Agilent 1100 series high pressure liquid chromatography system is equipped for high sensitivity sample analysis.

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    The SEC-MALS-QELS system is composed of an Agilent 1260 series HPLC for size exclusion chromatography followed by a Wyatt DAWN HELEOS II multi-angle static light scattering detector, a Wyatt QELS dynamic light scattering detector, and a Wyatt T-rEx differential refractive index detector.

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  • Dynamic Light Scattering

    This batch mode DLS features a Brookhaven BI-200 goniometer and BI-9000 high speed correlator and a 3 watt argon-ion laser operating at 514 nm.

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  • Surface Plasmon Resonance

    The Reichert 4 SPR system  is a four channel surface plasmon resonance spectrometer for label-free measurement of macromolecular association and dissociation kinetics.

    The Reichert4SPR 4-Channel Surface Plasmon Resonance system allows users to accelerate and enhance the drug discovery process in the following ways:

    • Easy set-up and streamlined workflow
    • Utmost sensitivity and maximum uptime
    • Robust fluid handling system to run demanding assays


  • BLItz Bio-layer Interferometer

    The BLItz is a micro volume instrument for characterizing the kinetics of macromolecular interactions using bio-layer interferometry with low cost disposable sensor probes. The instrument is located in the Ward building on the Chicago campus.

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  • Sapphire Imager

    The Sapphire™ Biomolecular Imager is a next generation laser scanner which features NIR and RGB fluorescent, true chemiluminescent and phosphor imaging.


  • Preparative Ultracentrifuge

    Sorvall MTX 150 Ultracentrifuge with an assortment of rotors


  • LAS 4010 Gel Imaging System

    The GE Healthcare ImageQuant LAS 4010 gel imaging system allows visualization, imaging and quantitative measurements of macromolecules in stained gels.

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  • Real Time PCR

    The Bio-Rad iCycler collects and reports PCR amplification and denaturation data in real-time.

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  • UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer

    The Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 1050 is a high performance UV/Vis/NIR double beam, double monochromator, ratio-recording spectrophotometer. A 150 mm integrating sphere accessory allows diffuse reflectance and transmission measurements.

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  • Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer

    Our state of the art Jasco J-815 CD instrument allows the simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence and CD data. Such experiments are particularly useful in assessing the extent to which protein unfolding and folding transitions are two-state in character.

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  • Fluorescence Plate Reader

    The Molecular Devices Gemini EM Fluorescence/Chemiluminescence Plate Reader complements the facility’s fluorimeters PC1  and K2 by accommodating high throughput fluorescence experiments.

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  • Photon-Counting Fluorescence Spectrometer

    The ISS PC1 spectrofluorimeter is a workstation for a wide variety of highly sensitive fluorescence studies. The PC1 has excitation/emission monochromators and optional  polarizers suitable for fluorescence polarization/anisotropy and ratio measurements using both T- and L- configuration.

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  • UV/Vis DAD Spectrophotometer

    The HP (Agilent) 8452 diode array spectrophotometer is a basic analytical instrument for measuring UV/Vis spectra of solution samples in seconds.

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  • NanoDrop 3300 Fluorimeter

    The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 3300 fluorimeter acquires full range visible emission spectra from micro-volume samples in seconds.

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  • NanoDrop Spectrophotometer

    The Thermo Scientific NanoDroop 2000c acquires full range UV/Vis absorbance spectra from micro-volume or cuvette samples in seconds.

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