FY16 Fees (Updated – Effective 9/1/16-9/1/17)

InstrumentRHLCC memberNon-memberRHLCC Training (one time)Non-member Training (one time)
UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer39.6150.94195200
Analytical HPLC21.0031.30195200
BLitz Bio-Layer Interferometer (Evanston)32.4437.55195200
BLItz Bio-Layer Interferometer
Circular Dichroism Spectrometer33.1745.61195200
Differential Scanning Calorimeter21.9226.49195200
Dynamic Light Scattering42.5746.90195
Fluorescence Plate Reader63.63109.547590
Fluorescence Polarization32.0137.7775
**Isothermal Titration Calorimeter37.4946.22195200
LAS 4010 Gel Imager1.52*1.73*60
NanoDrop 3300 Fluorimeter1.04*1.29*4050
NanoDrop Spectrophotometer1.04*1.29*4050
NanoSight NTA56.6262.71195200
Photon-Counting Fluorescence Spectrometer32.7037.72195200
PXi Chemiluminescence & IR Imager0.64*0.88*5565
Real Time PCR12.3616.455055
Staff Service93.85102.36N/AN/A
Storm Phosphorimager1.13*1.44*5055
**Surface Plasmon Resonance32.5741.88220
Typhoon Fluorimager1.13*1.44*98104
UV/Vis DAD Spectrophotometer29.3644.795355
Unless otherwise noted above, rates are hourly. Rates for instruments that normally see shorter usage times (*) are listed as per minute.
Training rates are approximate; the actual training charges are time-based.
Some instruments are available for usage 24/7, for others (**) the access is limited to weekdays and regular business hours.

External users from academic institutions are considered non-commercial and pay the same rates as Northwestern 'Non-member' users.