• Please see the Ordering/Billing page for instructions on creating an account to use the facility.
  • All users must attend an instrument-specific training session conducted by Keck staff prior to using any instrument.
  • Users must notify Keck staff of any changes to chart strings needed in the NU Core system.
  • Users with reservations are given first priority on the instrument during their allotted reservation. If you have not made a reservation ahead of time, you may still use the instrument when no other reservations are scheduled.
  • For most instruments, reservations not activated (logged in) within 60 minutes of the start time will be canceled unless prior arrangements have been made with Facility staff.
  • For most instruments, users have up to 24 hours before their start time to cancel their reservation with no charge. If the reservation is canceled within the 24-hour period, users will be charged for one hour of the reservation.
  • Users will be billed based on their actual usage hours recorded in NU Core.
    • If you believe the system has not recorded your hours accurately, please notify us as soon as possible.


  • All general Northwestern University safety rules must be observed at all times. Please visit the Office of Research Safety website for details: http://www.research.northwestern.edu/ors. Specialized ORS training is also required on certain instruments before access is granted.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the laboratory at any time.
  • All waste must be disposed of properly.
    • Liquid waste placed in the provided containers must be properly documented on log sheets.
    • Sharps (pipette tips, syringes, needles, blades, etc.) must be placed in green containers, not the trash.
    • Uncommon or exceptionally hazardous materials must be taken back to the user’s lab for disposal.
  • All users are responsible for their own samples and related materials: items should not be left in the Facility without making prior arrangements with Facility staff.
    • Any items left with permission must be properly labeled with contents, user name, and date. Items left for more than 1 year are subject to disposal.


  • Any malfunction or damage of the instruments, computers, or supplies must be reported to Keck staff (either in person or via email) as soon as possible.
    • Users assume financial responsibility for any damage to Facility equipment due to gross and/or repeated negligence.
  • Users should ensure that their work areas are clean, neat, and ready for the next user before leaving the facility.
    • All equipment, tools, supplies, or chemicals used should be returned to their original location.
    • Any items borrowed from the facility must be returned promptly. Additionally, you must thoroughly clean any cuvettes or other shared supplies susceptible to contamination.
  • All users are responsible for their data. Although the Facility maintains regular backups of data as a courtesy, it is ultimately the user’s responsibility to ensure proper data backup.
    • Any data left on Facility computers for more than 1 year are subject to deletion.
  • For most instruments, inexperienced users have 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday access. 24/7 access on an instrument is typically granted upon completing 3 successful sessions, subject to the discretion of Facility management. After-hours key permissions are granted to experienced users only.
  • Unauthorized use of equipment may result in limitation and/or termination of facility privileges.
  • Repeated failure to comply with Facility policies may result in limitation and/or termination of facility privileges.
  • Please acknowledge the use of the Keck Biophysics Facility when publishing your work and provide us with a link to your paper.